4 Steps To Improve Perceived Performance

26. March 2014 15:22 by Daniel Herken
Performance is an important measurement for every web application out there. Nobody want's to use an application that is slow to respond or feels sluggish. But what exactly does this mean? In the eyes of the user performance is a tricky thing, and not as easy to measure as one might suspect. In this article I want to introduce some basic concepts on how to make any web application feel faster and more responsive. [More]

Web Developer News: Opera 16 and Chrome 29 Released

4. September 2013 12:11 by Daniel Herken
Welcome to this months web developer browser news. Opera 16  Opera has released it's new version 16 of the Opera desktop browser. Opera 16 is now powered by the blink engine 29. Moreover Opera has added features like opera:flags, auto-fill support and Geolocation support.  You can read m... [More]

Web Developer News: Opera 15, Chrome 28 and IE 11 for Windows 7

5. August 2013 15:32 by Daniel Herken
Welcome to this months web developer browser news. Opera 15  Opera has released it's new version 15 of the Opera desktop browser. Opera 15 is powered by the blink engine (just like Google Chrome). Moreover Opera has announced to switch to the rapid release cycle.  You can read more about... [More]

Internet Explorer 11: The First Web Developer Review

25. June 2013 14:31 by Daniel Herken
                Yesterday Microsoft released the first beta of the next Windows 8 generation: Windows 8.1. Part of this beta release is the new Internet Explorer 11 which is especially interesting for web designers and developers around the world. In ... [More]

How 10 Popular Websites Are Displayed in IE 5

29. April 2013 21:23 by Daniel Herken
Back in the year 1999 Microsoft released it's then brand new and up-to-date browser Internet Explorer 5. How much did happen in the last 14 years regarding web technologies and development? Would it still be possible to use this browser? Let's find out! Please note: We don't want to judge, it's per... [More]

Web Developer News: IEAK 10 available, Chrome goes blink, Chrome 26 released

16. April 2013 21:12 by Daniel Herken
  Welcome to this months web developer browser news. Chrome forks WebKit   Google has announce to fork WebKit into it's new rendering engine Blink. This means over the long run Chrome and other Webkit browsers (like Safari) will no longer support the same feature set. You can find... [More]

Web Developer News: Opera goes Webkit, Firefox 19, Chrome 25

25. February 2013 13:49 by Daniel Herken
Welcome to this months web developer browser news. Firefox 19   The version 19 of Mozilla Firefox was released in February 2013. You can read all details in the release notes. The new key features are: Build-in PDF viewer Canvas elements can be exported to blog JavaScript Debugger ... [More]

Web Development Can Be Art - Literally

22. January 2013 19:09 by Daniel Herken
A few days ago the Net.Art project OneYouNeed came to me with two rather special cross-browser issues. The project aims to create a unique music video containing single frames made by people all around the world. If you have a webcam handy try it, it's really funny.  To implement th... [More]

Does W3C Validation Still Matter?

6. November 2012 14:26 by Daniel Herken
Recently I put the final touches to my latest web project an decided it would be fun to know where it is in terms of W3C validation. So I submitted the page to the W3C Validator and sure enough it did find 5 errors and 5 warnings. After investigation I did not end up fixing any of the errors or warn... [More]

Mobile Browsers that matter

29. October 2012 16:28 by Daniel Herken
There used to be a time when one of the great advantages of developing a web application was that you simply had to write the code once and it would run anywhere at any time and on any device in the world as long as it had an Internet connection. While that dream isn’t dead, it’s certain... [More]