Website Design 101 – How to Design Your Website Right From the Start

21. July 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
No matter what industry you are in, you know your business needs an innovative and attractive web presence. Moving that website from the design stage to reality can be a problem, however. Many business owners make common mistakes when designing their first websites -- mistakes that require expensive and time-consuming redesigns down the line. [More]

Web Services Dos and Don’ts: Making Your API Secure and Efficient

14. July 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Web services are programming interfaces you use to be an intermediate between an outside program and your internal business applications. You use web services to allow external programmers to "talk" to your internal applications. The API sets the rules and standards for the programmer to protect your data. Using a web service API, you can allow customers and affiliates to use your apps while setting rules for how they can manipulate the data. These API components can be used for mobile phone apps, desktop programs or other web applications. [More]

Pros and Cons for Client-Side Web Development

7. July 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Client-side web development is a growing trend in web design. A decade ago, the general rule was to use server-side coding whenever possible and only use client-side code when necessary. The new client-side coding trend has reversed this train of thought, and it has provided developers with some fast, convenient features that can be leveraged for advanced web applications. Even with its speed and convenience, client-side code still has its disadvantages. [More]

How We Improved Our Website Performance By 78%

30. June 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Find out what steps we took to improve the performance of our website by more than 70% in just one day. Moreover we discuss the tools we used to measure and improve the site! [More]

Tips to Optimize Your Responsive Design for Mobile Users

23. June 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
With mobile use on the rise, search engines emphasize on the importance of having an optimized mobile site. Responsive design has taken off as a de facto part of website design. It's not adequate to have just a responsive design. You also need a responsive design that's properly optimized for mobile device users. [More]

How To Use Web Fonts Cross Browser

16. June 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Did you ever wonder if you can use web fonts in a way that old browser like Internet Explorer 8 support these. Read on to learn how that is possible (hint: it's really easy!). [More]

Tips for Mobile Development: Making the Most for Smartphone and Tablet Users

9. June 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Global Insights, the leading site for web statistical data, estimated that mobile users would overtake desktop Internet traffic in 2014. Have you checked your user statistics? Chances are that you have more mobile users than you think. With mobile use on the rise, you need to create a website that's responsive and caters to slower, unreliable bandwidth for mobile Internet connectivity. [More]

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Website

2. June 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
It takes the average visitor 50 milliseconds to form a judgment about a website. Since color forms a large part of the layout, design and graphics on a webpage, leaving color decisions to chance could significantly decrease the success of a website and its traffic. Here is how to construct an effective color scheme. [More]

How To Run Old Internet Explorer Versions in Windows 8.1

26. May 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Up until Windows 7 you can install any Internet Explorer version you want but with Windows 8 and 8.1 this option has gone away. But sometimes you still need an older Internet Explorer version to do certain things or access old web applications. In this post I'd like to show you how BrowseEmAll brings older Internet Explorer versions to your Windows 8 desktop. [More]

A Day Using Internet Explorer 8

19. May 2014 16:00 by Daniel Herken
Two weeks ago I was forced to surf the web with Internet Explorer 8 a full day. Surprisingly the 5 year old browser works far better than expected in todays JavaScript internet world. [More]