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Find cross-browser issues in minutes

Easily switch between all major desktop browsers

You don't need more than 5 minutes to test any website in all major desktop browsers. Anytime all browsers are just 1 click away.
  • All major desktop browsers available: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • BrowseEmAll keep's track of new browser releases and updates
  • No need for hosted solutions or virtual machines. It's all on your local machine!

Optimize your sites for mobile devices

See how a page renders in iPhone, iPad and Android without touching a real device

Doing all day-to-day testing using real mobile devices can be cumbersome. Luckily BrowseEmAll includes simulators for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices to speed up the testing process.
  • Full functional iPhone, iPad and Android simulation
  • Switch between landscape and portrait mode
  • Scroll, zoom and interact like on the real device

Test local pages and raw HTML files

No more deployment to a webserver for testing purposes

Because BrowseEmAll runs on your local machine it's easily possible to test websites hosted on localhost or in the local network. And BrowseEmAll can also work with raw HTML files.
  • Browse and test websites hosted locally
  • Test websites protected by the cooperate firewall
  • No need to share credentials for any security sensitive websites
  • Open any local HTML file in BrowseEmAll

Automate your cross-browser testing

Create detailed cross-browser reports

Create cross-browser compatibility reports for any website (hosted locally or remote). This reports speed up the finding and fixing cross-browser issues.
  • Reports contain browser specific full-page and original-size screenshots
  • Instantly see what HTML tags or CSS properties are not supported

Run different browsers side by side

See and interact with up to 4 different browsers side by side

In BrowseEmAll you can run up to 4 different browser side by side. Quickly see how a change affects the rendering in all major browsers.
  • Side by Side comparison
  • All Browsers stay fully interactive
  • Navigate and reload in all browsers simultaneously

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14-Day Free Trial
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