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Oct Mon

Mobile Browsers that matter

  •  10-29-2012

There used to be a time when one of the great advantages of developing a web application was that you simply had to write the code once and it would run anywhere at any time and on any device in the world as long as it had an Internet connection. While that dream isn’t dead, […]

Oct Wed

Why You Should Cross-Browser Test Websites

  •  10-24-2012

If you’re new to web programming, you may assume that your work ends with producing a perfectly working application. You test your website, debug the JavaScript, put it through a stress test and make sure that all is working well. However, many people do not take the effort of ensuring that their site renders and […]

Oct Fri

Why Use a Standalone Cross Browser Testing Tool?

  •  10-19-2012

The browser market today is more saturated than ever before. Compared to just a few years ago when Internet Explorer was the dominant force, browsers such as Chrome and Safari have established their own solid market share. The recent proliferation of mobile devices has only accelerated this trend. Many web designers now have dedicated “mobile […]