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Jul Mon

Why Short Loading Times Are Essential for Your Website

  •  7-28-2014

We have all visited websites only to be greeted with frustratingly long loading times. Poor website performance has often been cited as the number one reason for people abandoning a page. (tweet this) In order to keep your place in the extremely competitive world of online business, it is essential that your website offers high […]

Jul Mon

Website Design 101 – How to Design Your Website Right From the Start

  •  7-21-2014

No matter what industry you are in, you know your business needs an innovative and attractive web presence. Moving that website from the design stage to reality can be a problem, however. Many business owners make common mistakes when designing their first websites — mistakes that require expensive and time-consuming redesigns down the line. As […]

Jul Mon

Web Services Dos and Don’ts: Making Your API Secure and Efficient

  •  7-14-2014

Web services are programming interfaces you use to be an intermediate between an outside program and your internal business applications. You use web services to allow external programmers to “talk” to your internal applications. The API sets the rules and standards for the programmer to protect your data. Using a web service API, you can […]

Jul Mon

Pros and Cons for Client-Side Web Development

  •  7-7-2014

Client-side web development is a growing trend in web design. A decade ago, the general rule was to use server-side coding whenever possible and only use client-side code when necessary. The new client-side coding trend has reversed this train of thought, and it has provided developers with some fast, convenient features that can be leveraged […]