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Aug Mon

What is the Difference between Authentication and Authorization in Web Development

  •  8-25-2014

As a web developer, you come across the terms “authentication” and “authorization” a lot. Some developers incorrectly use these two terms interchangeably. In fact, authorization and authentication are two different programming terms that web developers should know. They aren’t interchangeable although they have discreet differences. These differences will help you understand your own code, website […]

Aug Mon

What is Infinite Scroll and Should You Implement it On Your Website?

  •  8-18-2014

If you watch web development trends, you should know about infinite scroll. Infinite scrolling takes the place of website paging. Normally, when you have an article that uses multiple web pages, you have a right and left arrow and page numbers that viewers use to navigate throughout the article. Separating your articles into separate web […]

Aug Mon

Tools for Developers – 5 Helpful Links to Add to Your Resources List

  •  8-11-2014

Whether you develop web or mobile apps, it is crucial to your livelihood that you maintain an awareness of the latest tools at your disposal. From referral networks for developers to recently launched coding tools, keeping track of available resources can have a definite impact on the profitability of your software development business. Check out […]

Aug Mon

How to Isolate and Identify Performance Problems on Your Web Server

  •  8-4-2014

Most companies go through some growing pains when they increase web server traffic. Performance issues kill your conversion rates, sales, bounce rate, and even your SEO efforts. If you have a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server, you need to identify where the problem stems from, fix it and then monitor your server […]