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Sep Mon

Optimizing for Smartphones: Why Poorly Optimized Sites Will Drive Away Customers

  •  9-29-2014

Winning on the Internet is a little bit like winning a professional race. Even a fraction of a second in speed makes all the difference between who goes home a winner and who comes in second. As the Internet becomes more and more flooded with content and businesses, this becomes more and more true. Whether […]

Sep Mon

Why Scalable Vector Graphics is the Best Format for High-Definition Web Design

  •  9-22-2014

Many web designers have grown accustomed to designing sites for a limited number of screen resolutions. However, with high definition screens at one extreme and smart phones at the other, the number of potential screen resolutions has increased. This means that a web designer who only works with traditional resolutions is likely to build sites […]

Sep Mon

How to Set Up HrefLang Tags for Different Language Pages on Your Website

  •  9-15-2014

Most global website visibility requires multiple language support. Google has said that auto-translations send poor quality signals to its search engine algorithms. You should create good translations that support countries you’re targeting. Once you have your content’s translations, how do you set up your site for the best SEO? Google provides you with a link […]