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Apr Tue

Basic Tools To Test A Website In 15 Minutes Or Less

  •  4-28-2015

Ever developer knows the feeling of another finished project. The last tag has been closed, the final CSS rule was applied and JavaScript got one final semicolon. But soon the testing will start and you will face a few (or countless who really knows in advance) bugs and oversights that need fixing. In this article […]

Apr Fri

A First Comparison Between Project Spartan, Chrome And Firefox

  •  4-24-2015

With the build 10041 of Windows 10 available we can finally take the new Microsoft browser Spartan for a ride. An what is most important for our browsing experience? Performance and features. So let’s see how Spartan is compared to Chrome, Firefox and of course it’s predecessor Internet Explorer 11. How Did We Test? For […]

Apr Wed

Learning How To Code? BrowseEmAll Is Now Free For You!

  •  4-22-2015

Helping everybody who want’s to learn how to code awesome websites is one of our main goals here at BrowseEmAll. So in addition to make a extremely affordable and great to use cross-browser testing tool we’ll now start to do something more! Today I’m excited to announce that starting today our software BrowseEmAll (Student Edition) […]

Apr Tue

Cross Browser Testing Solutions – The Ultimate Guide

  •  4-21-2015

If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, the method they’ll be using to get there is a little more uncertain. Cross browser testing solutions are an essential web development tool, allowing designer and developers to develop and test their application on a variety of platforms at once. There are a multitude of products available, depending on […]

Apr Tue

Get to Know Bootstrap: Streamline and Simplify the Responsive Web Design Process

  •  4-14-2015

Bootstrap is a web framework built by Twitter that integrates HTML, CSS and JavaScript to unify responsive web design concepts into an easy-to-use system for building websites that work across multiple devices. This full-featured framework includes all the tools you need to build a website that’s capable of rearranging itself depending on the end-user’s platform. The Bootstrap […]

Apr Tue

Spartan and You: How the Internet Explorer Discontinuation Will Affect the Web

  •  4-7-2015

Since 2007, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has dropped in usage from roughly 70% to below 20%, losing a significant amount of market share to Chrome. Since inception, Internet Explorer has been the source of user jokes and developer frustration. General consensus about the weighty browser has always been firmly planted in the negative, and Microsoft is […]