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How To Cross Browser Test Any Website For Free

  •  5-6-2015

Every website must be checked periodically to make sure it works with every new browser version. No matter whether your site visitors use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or something else, each browser puts out updates and new editions every few months or even more frequently. Not keeping your website up to date could mean that visits, traffic and conversions go down considerably. With a few tricks you can do free cross browser testing to ensure that your website is working on all the possible platforms your customers are using.

Free Cross Browser Screenshots 

This website allows you to generate free screenshots in both the mobile and desktop versions of a browser. After you’ve done this, you can compare what is shown on both versions of each browser. Once you’ve had a look, you or your programmers can go in and adjust or tweak anything that needs fixing.

Free Live Testing

This handy website allows website managers to live test any website for free, with just a few exclusions such as some versions of Internet Explorer. When you don’t have more than a few minutes, this website will let you do a quick check of the desktop and mobile versions of your website on different browser types. Use this free cross browser testing tool when you don’t need highly detailed information or complex analytics.

Free Live Testing

When you need more detailed information, the Sauce Labs’ free cross browser testing tool allows you to perform testing on a real time basis. This is an excellent choice if you’re in the process of making edits or updates to your website and you want to check how things are looking as you go along. Use this tool to take screenshots of how your website looks on both the mobile and desktop versions of the most commonly used browsers.

If you don’t need anything special in terms of information or reporting, free cross browser testing services are convenient, time-saving and cost-effective options. When you don’t need to test often, you can use these tools to get it done for free. This allows you to avoid having to hire your own private information technology or computer programmers to do this for you. After finishing your cross browser testing experiments, you’ll feel satisfied knowing that you were able to do this highly detailed computing process all on your own.

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