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Jun Tue

How We Made Our Website Accessible

  •  6-30-2015

Can a color blind person still use your website without any problems? What about visual impaired visitors using a screenreader? As you surely know there are common web accessibility standards every website should strive to follow. After all it is possible to make your website great and accessible without too much work or high costs. […]

Jun Mon

Cross Browser Testing That Does Not Suck – 33% Off

  •  6-22-2015

Need to cross-browser testing your application but dreading every step along the way? With our affordable and almost fun to use cross browser testing application BrowseEmAll Professional you can get the testing done and out of the way without banging your head against the wall! More than 3000 organizations and 10000 users trust our solution […]

Jun Tue

Make Your Website Microsoft Edge Ready

  •  6-16-2015

At the end of July Microsoft will officially launch their new operating system Windows 10 which includes the new web browser Microsoft Edge. Because many windows users can get the update for free it is highly likely that we’ll soon see many users visiting our websites using Microsoft Edge. The big question now is, does your website […]

Jun Tue

Automated Cross Browser Layout Tests Using Galen

  •  6-9-2015

Testing your layout across browsers and mobile devices can be quite hard and is usually a job which requires a lot of manual testing time. Thinking about it makes it quite obvious why this is so hard to automate. But it is not entirely impossible and you can achieve a quite good automated layout test […]

Jun Tue

7 Top Features Microsoft Removed In Microsoft Edge

  •  6-2-2015

Microsoft has set the release date for their latest version of Windows to July 29 of 2015. Alongside Windows 10 Microsoft will release their new browser Edge which is bound to replace Internet Explorer as the standard browser on Windows. In their effort to create a great new browser Microsoft has removed more than 300 API’s from the browser. […]