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Jul Wed

Windows 10 Support: BrowseEmAll

  •  7-29-2015

Today Microsoft released the latest version of their flagship operating system Windows 10. As a user of our cross browser testing solution you might want to know if and how we support the new operating system and of course the new Microsoft browser called Edge. Below we’ll try to answer the most common questions. If […]

Jul Fri
Jul Tue

Simplify Your Selenium Tests with BrowseEmAll

  •  7-21-2015

I’m sure most of you have already used (or at least heard of) the web automation framework Selenium. It is typically used to write automated tests for websites or web applications. Try it out, it is really awesome. Traditionally it has already been a challenge to run Selenium tests in different browsers. Selenium uses the […]

Jul Tue

Run Selenium Test In Microsoft Edge

  •  7-21-2015

On July 29th Microsoft will launch their new operating system Windows 10 which includes a completely new browser called Microsoft Edge. On Juli 23th Microsoft announced Webdriver support for Microsoft Edge but unfortunately it currently only supports a subset of all Webdriver commands. Luckily we recently added Selenium support for BrowseEmAll which as of today includes […]

Jul Tue

How to write testable JavaScript code

  •  7-14-2015

Sometimes, in life, there are shortcuts. On the other hand, when testing your JavaScript code, there usually aren’t. It’s completely understandable to want an easy fix. You have already spent tons of time writing code. You’re thinking, “This is great! Nothing can go wrong. Now, let me just run an automated test and I’m sure […]

Jul Wed

Slimming Down DoesItWorkOnEdge.com

  •  7-8-2015

Yesterday we released our new tool DoesItWorkOnEdge to the public. Aside from the normal hiccups any public release seem to have all went reasonable smooth. Still 2 things for potential improvements have been pointed out to us: @jlbruno tweeted us about being unable to use the tool without touching the mouse Christian Heilmann pointed out that our solution is […]

Jul Tue

Test For Microsoft Edge In Less Just 1 Minute

  •  7-7-2015

In less than 3 weeks Microsoft will release the latest version of Windows which will include a new browser: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has told us time and time again that they want the new browser to “Just Work” but for us web developers and designers out there it will still be necessary to quickly test […]