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Aug Wed

All Web Browsers Are Not Created Equal – The Importance of Cross Browser Testing

  •  8-26-2015

Nothing is worse than building a website that looks and functions perfectly in one browser, only to find that it is non-functional in another browser. This is often the case for many web developers and designers. Web browsers perform differently for various reasons. Some work for a specific operating system, some are not updated to […]

Aug Tue

PCI Compliant Cross Browser Testing

  •  8-25-2015

Every week, it seems there has been yet another company, once thought impenetrable, dealing with a major breach of member’s stored data. The protection of consumer credit card data is a serious concern for both the buyer and businesses. This is why the PCI Standard was created: to combat the risk associated with paying by […]

Aug Tue

HIPAA Compliant Cross Browser Testing

  •  8-18-2015

In the US, there are over 700,000 healthcare institutions, like hospitals, dentists and nursing homes. These institutions deal with compliance issues as often as they do patient care. Because of the sheer volume of users and opportunity, healthcare software and applications is a large but attractive niche for developers. But there are special considerations and […]

Aug Wed

Mobile Testing: Google Underlines The Importance of Mobile Websites

  •  8-12-2015

A mobile website is part of your online business – it is a medium that reinforces your brand, marketing, and promotion strategies. Like the websites pulled from the search engines on a computer, a website pulled by a mobile user – either from a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader – it is an identical website in […]