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Sep Tue

Is There a Positive ROI in Automated Web Tests?

  •  9-29-2015

Automated testing saves time and money by finding bugs faster and running tests on repeat. This produces results and data more efficiently, so the developers can make changes faster. Most testing environments are suitable for automated testing. Another benefit is a better-supported development team. However, the big question is always the same. Is there a […]

Sep Tue

How Is The Data Privacy Of Your Development Tools?

  •  9-22-2015

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they made data collection mandatory for all users. A telemetry and diagnostic service are included with the updated version and there is no ability for the user to fully opt-out. Since its debut earlier this year, there’s been major pushback. This sparked some discussion in the web development industry about […]

Sep Wed

Why So Many Fail to Automate Web Testing

  •  9-9-2015

In most scenarios, automated testing is the best solution for finding bugs and quickly getting the information back to the developers. Some examples where automated testing would be useful include: tests that are repetitive and run for multiple builds, tests requiring multiple data sets or run on multiple hardware/software platforms, and when testing functionality is […]

Sep Fri

3 Web Design Choices Going the Way of the Dinosaur

  •  9-4-2015

The internet is changing rapidly. Some web design choices that were acceptable a few years ago are on the border of extinction now, slowly damaging the brand of any company still using them. Are you using web design tactics that are obsolete? If you are, then you need to make a change. Here are three […]

Sep Wed

Why Automate Web Testing At All?

  •  9-2-2015

Testing web projects is a fundamental part of the development process. No matter how large or small the software is in size, ensuring that the functionality will never fail takes dedication. There are 2 options: manual testing and automated testing. The size of your project should not determine what type of testing you decide to […]