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Dec Tue

What Is Coming To Google Chrome In 2016

  •  12-15-2015

Is Google Chrome the most beloved browser out there? We may never know for sure, but one wouldn’t have to look hard to hear Chrome’s raving fans answer, “Yes!” Chrome is always looking to enhance the user experience. 2016 will reveal more upgrades and changes sure to warm the hearts of Chrome users everywhere. Here […]

Dec Tue

What Is Coming To Microsoft Edge In 2016

  •  12-8-2015

Internet Explorer: 2 of the most disliked words in web development. Microsoft is hoping this will change with the new browser Microsoft Edge. The Edge browser has some planned features worth looking into. Here are a few of those features and what you can expect from Microsoft Edge. Over 200 Features Microsoft Edge has over […]

Dec Tue

Why Web Developers Should Consider Paying For Tools

  •  12-1-2015

To pay or not to pay, that is the question. Or at least, that is the question many web developers find themselves pondering when choosing software. It doesn’t take much digging around the internet to discover tons of open source, aka free, software to assist with projects. JQuery is lauded as a favorite, to give […]