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May Tue

Creating A Cross-Platform .Net UI Application

  •  5-23-2017

For more than 3 years now our company has developed and sold a desktop application for cross-browser testing called BrowseEmAll. As we started out we developed the application using the .Net Framework which means the application was only capable of running on the Microsoft Windows platform.  As more and more web development is done on […]

May Mon

Code-Free Automated Browser Testing With Record & Play in BrowseEmAll 9

  •  5-1-2017

Nearly 7 months have passed since the last major update to our on-premises browser testing tool BrowseEmAll. So it is rather big news that today the next major version is available! In this new release you will find: Recording & Play of Selenium tests directly in the browser Export recorded tests to C#, Java, Ruby […]

Nov Fri

BrowseEmAll Now Available for OS X / macOS and Linux (Beta)

  •  11-25-2016

Today I’m happy to announce that BrowseEmAll (Beta) is available for OS X / macOS and Linux starting on 12/01/2016! It does support all major features that are available on Windows including Live Testing, Browser Compare, Screenshots and Selenium testing. You can download the beta version directly on our homepage and try it out (starting […]

Oct Fri

BrowseEmAll 8: Accurate IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari 10, Native Developer Tools and Selenium Grid Support

  •  10-21-2016

Nearly 10 months have passed since the last major update to our on-premises cross-browser testing tool BrowseEmAll. So it is rather big news that today the next major version is available! In this new release you will find: 100% accurate Internet Explorer testing Microsoft Edge available on Windows 7 and higher Safari 10 testing directly […]

Oct Thu

How To Run Microsoft Edge On Windows 7 or Windows 8

  •  10-6-2016

With the release of Windows 10 Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer in favor for their new browser Microsoft Edge. But not everybody wants to or can upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 right away. Still sometimes it is necessary to use Microsoft Edge for one task or the other. But how is it […]

May Fri

The BrowseEmAll Internet Explorer Emulator

  •  5-20-2016

To help with cross browser testing websites for older Internet Explorer versions on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 our solution BrowseEmAll contains an Internet Explorer Emulator. In this post I will talk about why this is necessary and how it all works. Why an IE Emulator is necessary The Microsoft browser Internet Explorer […]

Feb Thu

Getting Started With The BrowseEmAll Core API

  •  2-11-2016

In this short guide I would like to show you real quick how you can get started with the BrowseEmAll Core API. I will use Visual Studio 2015 Community but any other version will do. Getting the API For your convenience we have created a little setup which contains all the necessary files to use the […]

Feb Thu

Announcing BrowseEmAll 7.0: New Interface, New Browsers and 64 Bit Support

  •  2-4-2016

This is big news! The BrowseEmAll dev team is excited to announce the version 7.0 is now available for download and auto-update! In this major update you’ll find a complete redesign of the user interface along loads of new features! Here is what’s new: New User Interface The application has an all-new look, including graphics, […]

Nov Tue

Run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X Without Using Virtualization

  •  11-10-2015

Internet Explorer 5 was the last version of Internet Explorer that Microsoft has made available for OS X. Every version after that runs only on Windows, some of them not even on every Windows! Still many of us have to use Internet Explorer on a regular basis to use old cooperate web applications or test […]

Nov Wed

BrowseEmAll Hosted Windows Installation Guide

  •  11-4-2015

In this short guide we will show you how to use BrowseEmAll Hosted directly on Windows without using a Virtual Machine. Please follow the below steps to install BrowseEmAll on your Windows machine: 1. Please install the Microsoft Remote App application found in the here 2. After installation please open the newly installed application. 3. Select Get Started in […]