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Nov Wed

Is Cross Browser Pixel Perfect Design Possible?

  •  11-11-2015

Nothing puts a web developer in a bad mood faster than an angry email from a designer.  The one telling you, “It doesn’t follow my Photoshop PSD design perfectly…why does it look different in IE? I wanted pixel perfect.” Pixel perfect. A polarizing term in the front-end community. Some complain the term is outdated. Others demand it changed […]

Oct Wed

Finally The End Of Internet Explorer?

  •  10-21-2015

In 2014, Microsoft announced that it will end the support for IE 8, 9 and 10 in January 2016. This means technical support and security updates will cease once the New Year hits. Because Vista users were never offered IE 10 or 11, they get to keep IE9, at least until support for IE9 ends […]

Oct Wed

Is The Browser’s User Agent String Still Relevant?

  •  10-14-2015

The user agent string. Developers have been using the UA string method to detect what browser their users have for a while now. I’m here to tell you: it has to stop. In the past, its reaction to different browsers in the website code or backend did get some valuable information. But today, browsers have […]

Apr Fri

A First Comparison Between Project Spartan, Chrome And Firefox

  •  4-24-2015

With the build 10041 of Windows 10 available we can finally take the new Microsoft browser Spartan for a ride. An what is most important for our browsing experience? Performance and features. So let’s see how Spartan is compared to Chrome, Firefox and of course it’s predecessor Internet Explorer 11. How Did We Test? For […]