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Oct Wed

Is The Browser’s User Agent String Still Relevant?

  •  10-14-2015

The user agent string. Developers have been using the UA string method to detect what browser their users have for a while now. I’m here to tell you: it has to stop. In the past, its reaction to different browsers in the website code or backend did get some valuable information. But today, browsers have […]

Aug Wed

All Web Browsers Are Not Created Equal – The Importance of Cross Browser Testing

  •  8-26-2015

Nothing is worse than building a website that looks and functions perfectly in one browser, only to find that it is non-functional in another browser. This is often the case for many web developers and designers. Web browsers perform differently for various reasons. Some work for a specific operating system, some are not updated to […]

Jul Tue

Run Selenium Test In Microsoft Edge

  •  7-21-2015

On July 29th Microsoft will launch their new operating system Windows 10 which includes a completely new browser called Microsoft Edge. On Juli 23th Microsoft announced Webdriver support for Microsoft Edge but unfortunately it currently only supports a subset of all Webdriver commands. Luckily we recently added Selenium support for BrowseEmAll which as of today includes […]

Jul Tue

Test For Microsoft Edge In Less Just 1 Minute

  •  7-7-2015

In less than 3 weeks Microsoft will release the latest version of Windows which will include a new browser: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has told us time and time again that they want the new browser to “Just Work” but for us web developers and designers out there it will still be necessary to quickly test […]

Jun Tue

Make Your Website Microsoft Edge Ready

  •  6-16-2015

At the end of July Microsoft will officially launch their new operating system Windows 10 which includes the new web browser Microsoft Edge. Because many windows users can get the update for free it is highly likely that we’ll soon see many users visiting our websites using Microsoft Edge. The big question now is, does your website […]

Jun Tue

Automated Cross Browser Layout Tests Using Galen

  •  6-9-2015

Testing your layout across browsers and mobile devices can be quite hard and is usually a job which requires a lot of manual testing time. Thinking about it makes it quite obvious why this is so hard to automate. But it is not entirely impossible and you can achieve a quite good automated layout test […]

Jun Tue

7 Top Features Microsoft Removed In Microsoft Edge

  •  6-2-2015

Microsoft has set the release date for their latest version of Windows to July 29 of 2015. Alongside Windows 10 Microsoft will release their new browser Edge which is bound to replace Internet Explorer as the standard browser on Windows. In their effort to create a great new browser Microsoft has removed more than 300 API’s from the browser. […]

May Tue

The Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Checklist

  •  5-26-2015

Nearly every web developer has done more or less cross browser testing at some point in their career. Maybe you just used random browsers until the allotted testing time was over, maybe you closely worked together with the QA department to execute well planned testing? Regardless it’s always good to have a checklist to make sure […]

May Tue

The Optimal Cross Browser Testing Strategy

  •  5-19-2015

Nearly everything works better if you have some kind of plan or strategy. This holds especially true for tasks with a lot of variables like cross browser testing. Below I would like to share our tested and proven cross browser testing strategy we have now used in well over 100 testing projects. Hopefully it will […]

May Tue

The 3 Biggest Challenges You Will Face Cross Browser Testing

  •  5-12-2015

We all have come to expect that websites and web applications simply work on any device in any browser. This has come to the extreme that I often find myself pressing the back button on my phone as soon as I encounter a page not responsive or optimized for mobile. But while the user takes […]