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Oct Mon

On-Premise Cross-Browser Testing

  •  10-23-2017

In this post, I would like to show a few things that you might want to know about on-premise cross-browser testing and why our tools choose this approach. Of course, you will also learn if on-premise testing is the right solution for your use case or not. I think most of you will have this […]

Dec Thu

How To Run Selenium Tests On Android And iOS

  •  12-1-2016

In todays post we will go over the process to setup and run Selenium tests for a mobile website or web application on Android and iOS. We will cover running tests on device emulators and on real mobile devices. You can perform all below steps on Windows, Linux and OS X / macOS with the […]

Nov Thu

Get Started With Selenium 3 and Selenium Grid

  •  11-3-2016

In this post we will go over everything you need to know to run your first web automation tests with Selenium 3. What is Selenium? Selenium is a free and open source browser automation framework. This means with Selenium you can automate almost anything in any popular web browser. The great thing about Selenium is that it […]

Feb Thu

Using localStorage Cross Browser

  •  2-25-2016

Another great new HTML5 feature is the so called local storage. The local storage can be used to quickly store specific information on the users local machine (inside the browser of course) without needing to rely on a cookies. A quick glance at tells us that nearly every browser already supports this feature. Event IE […]

Feb Thu

Using HTML 5 datalist Cross Browser

  •  2-18-2016

The HTML5 datalist element can be used to define suggestions and bind them to a input field for the user to choose from. While this sounds super useful not every browser supports this element yet. In this post I would like to show how you can get the datalist element working in most browsers. We […]

Feb Thu

Cross Browser Vertical Center

  •  2-11-2016

Sometimes things that look easy can be surprisingly hard to accomplish in CSS. One of these things is the vertical centering of a simple text block. On the first glance it is not painfully obvious how one would go about this but once you stop trying to be clever it is really rather easy. The […]

Jan Tue

Using Web Notifications API Cross Browser

  •  1-26-2016

The Web Notifications API allows a website to notify users of some event even if the website in question is currently not in the foreground. But, you might have guessed it, this API is not yet implemented in all major browsers as we can see on CanIUse. Using the basic Notifications API is rather simple […]

Jan Tue

Cross Browser CSS Image Blur

  •  1-19-2016

With the so called ‘blur’ CSS filter you can create a Photoshop like blur effect using nothing but CSS. As always the current browser support for this filter is not 100% but we’ll be able to work around most of the issues. Let us start by applying the normal CSS filter as specified in the W3C […]

Jan Wed

The Quick and Dirty Guide to CSS Preprocessors

  •  1-13-2016

CSS is a part of life. Or at least, it’s a part of a developer’s life. Luckily, there are tools available to make managing CSS easier. A CSS Preprocessor is a tool that reduces the amount of code you need to write. It does this by helping to future-proof your code and keep your code […]

Dec Tue

What Is Coming To Google Chrome In 2016

  •  12-15-2015

Is Google Chrome the most beloved browser out there? We may never know for sure, but one wouldn’t have to look hard to hear Chrome’s raving fans answer, “Yes!” Chrome is always looking to enhance the user experience. 2016 will reveal more upgrades and changes sure to warm the hearts of Chrome users everywhere. Here […]