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Dec Tue

What Is Coming To Microsoft Edge In 2016

  •  12-8-2015

Internet Explorer: 2 of the most disliked words in web development. Microsoft is hoping this will change with the new browser Microsoft Edge. The Edge browser has some planned features worth looking into. Here are a few of those features and what you can expect from Microsoft Edge. Over 200 Features Microsoft Edge has over […]

Dec Tue

Why Web Developers Should Consider Paying For Tools

  •  12-1-2015

To pay or not to pay, that is the question. Or at least, that is the question many web developers find themselves pondering when choosing software. It doesn’t take much digging around the internet to discover tons of open source, aka free, software to assist with projects. JQuery is lauded as a favorite, to give […]

Nov Tue

8 Tools To Load Test Your Website

  •  11-24-2015

Testing, testing, and more testing. Developers want to know their product will work well and be able to handle the heavy traffic of a successful launch. At the very least, you need this info by the time your project is ready to go live. This makes for a long process of testing your site. Before completion, websites […]

Nov Mon

Are Popular Websites Usable Without JavaScript?

  •  11-23-2015

Are your websites usable by people who have JavaScript disabled in their browser? And should you even care? This, of course, is a question of your audience and development budget but it should be common practice to present these users with a fallback whenever possible. Let us take a look at some popular websites and see […]

Nov Thu

7 Tasks To Outsource As A Freelancer

  •  11-19-2015

Does this scenario sound familiar? You worked long and hard to gain the reputation as a dependable and respectable developer. Business is going pretty well; work is coming in. You should be feeling happy, but instead you’re overwhelmed by all the little stuff you never intended to drain your time. Answering emails, writing contracts…ah, the […]

Nov Wed

5 JavaScript Books Every Web Developer Should Read

  •  11-18-2015

After we have figured out that we should not use JavaScript for everything we can now take a look at what JavaScript is designed to do and how we can learn to use its power to our advantage. So here are the top 5 JavaScript books I have read in 2015. Many of these books are […]

Nov Tue

Is Internet Explorer 11 The New Internet Explorer 6?

  •  11-17-2015

As we have already mentioned in an older post there currently is a discussion going on if Safari will be the new Internet Explorer dragging the web down with less new features and slow development. I would think that this discussion is besides the point as long as we still have the real Internet Explorer around! […]

Nov Mon

Which Browser Is Really Holding Back The Web?

  •  11-16-2015

Update: Since we posted this Microsoft has released the next version of the Edge browser scoring 453 on Recently there was (and still is) a discussion the web professionals community if Safari is the new IE and whether Apple is doing the right thing by focusing on the user of if they are holding back the […]

Nov Thu

How To Run Old Internet Explorer Version On Windows 10

  •  11-12-2015

With the release of Windows 10 Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer in favor for their new browser Microsoft Edge. Still sometimes it is necessary to use an older version of Internet Explorer for one task or the other. But how is it possible to run an older version of Internet Explorer without switching to an […]

Nov Wed

Is Cross Browser Pixel Perfect Design Possible?

  •  11-11-2015

Nothing puts a web developer in a bad mood faster than an angry email from a designer.  The one telling you, “It doesn’t follow my Photoshop PSD design perfectly…why does it look different in IE? I wanted pixel perfect.” Pixel perfect. A polarizing term in the front-end community. Some complain the term is outdated. Others demand it changed […]